Expert Metal Fabrication

Custom Solutions to Your Metal and Steel Fabrication Problems

Without the right machinery, your facility can grind to a halt. Get back to work with solutions and services from R C Fabricators Inc. Our expert fabricators can develop innovative, reliable solutions for your machinery, storage, and other metalwork needs.

Experienced in Meeting the Needs of the Iron Range's Industries

When you choose us, you get metal and steel fabrication experts with decades of experience offering services to the industries of the Iron Range. We know the challenges you face, and you can count on us for precision work that makes your job easier.

• Paper and pulp mills
• Mining industry
• Commercial fabrication
• Industrial fabrication
• Miscellaneous fabrication

When you're faced with a problem, bring it to us. You'll get creative solutions and the support you need for most of your equipment.

Metal fabrication

Specialized Machinery Services

You can count on our extensive experience with the specialized machinery used in the mining, paper, and pulp industries. Our fabricators are available for repairs, new construction projects, and new installations.

• Structural steel
• Conveyor belts and machinery
• Custom tooling
• Drum debarkers
• Aluminum fan shrouds
• Steel fan shrouds
• Large hoppers
• Trommels
• Snowmobile trail groomers
Structural steel
Aluminum fan shroud
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