Superb Paper Industry Machining

Dedicated Fabrication for the Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry has unique requirements for its machinery and facilities. When your pulp or paper processing plant needs specialized fabrication and welding, you can rely on our decades of experience. For 23 years, R C Fabricators Inc has been serving the Iron Range's pulp and paper industries with pride and distinction.

Smart Metalworking Solutions for Safety and Productivity

Increase your facility's productivity and protect your workers with custom metalwork from us. We're familiar with all the standard machines and safety codes.

• Parts repairs
• Parts refurbishing
• Conveyor services
• PGW conveyors
• Safety guards
• Access areas that meet plant safety specifications — platforms, catwalks, and stairs

If you need repairs, custom fabricating or machining, or welding for your paper or pulp operation, call us at 218-262-5600 for a FREE estimate.

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